Photos by Kadu Mazur (S.Paulo)
II Holder - Regatta - Castanheiras Bay - Sao Paulo - August 21 2005

Holder12-class regattas are taking place annually, since 2004 at Castanheiras Bay, by the traditional tree farm. It intents to encourage "potential sailors" of any age, to start or continue practicing sailing, as a sport or leasure.

 Holder-12 class was choosen by Mr. Hering,  due to its characteristics, as a small light vessel, available for a relatively affordable price in Brazil. It is considered an appropriate boat for starting to learn how to sail, suitable for all ages.

On August 21-2005,  23 boats participated at an interesting regatta in Sao Paulo ( Billings Reservoir ), passing under the bridge "Rodovia dos Imigrantes".  Sailors, from 13 to 71 years of age took part. "One who learns to sail in a Holder-12", says Mr. Hering, "shall be able to sail in any other larger sailing-vessel". It demands sensibility, balance and a good deal of practice. We learn new tactics, by competing and watching other competitors - chiefly by regularly participating at regattas, or even sailing just for entertainment.

The last regatta (Aug 21-2005) corroborated Mr. Hering's point of view.  3 boats tipped over (capsized), as the strong Southeast wind entered in the afternoon.  But the skippers managed to turn their boats back and resumed the competition without further problems.