1st  HOLDER-class-Regatta  - Castanheiras Bay - Aug-15-2004 - S.Paulo - Brazil

. Photos by Kadu Mazur (S.Paulo)

The event took place thanks to the joint initiative of:  Mrs. Cecilia K.Tussatto (Holder fleet 1 S.Paulo’s Coordinator), the Federation – “Federação de Vela do Estado de São Paulo”, Castanheiras Park (Mr. and Mrs. Hering), and the Boat supply store  “Regatta”, who sponsored the trophies;

The proposed aim was :

  • To promote a gathering of the Holder-class members for meeting each other, at a unique place - Castanheiras Bay, with access to the Billings Reservoir’s large unspoiled waterfront next to São Bernardo do Campo;
  • To stimulate the sport of sailing . This year, Brazil won two GOLD medals at the Olympics in Greece, with the victories of Robert Scheidt (Lazer-class) and Mr. Grael (Star-class);
  • To introduce the sailors to a new area for regattas – the large “Canal de Taquacetuba”;
Castanheiras Park, provided the transportation for 14 boats from the Guarapiranga Lake, as well as each participant with  an original “China fir” (Cunninghâmia lanceolata) wood souvenir.

The start of the Regatta took place at Castanheiras Bay, with 21 Holders.  Two buoys were in the Municipality of Sao Bernardo do Campo, the reason for the designation “Inter Municipal Regatta”. A light and irregular breeze was blowing, which required a good deal of experience on “sniffling” around for wind by the sailors.

The event exceeded all expectations, weather wise,  organization, barbecue, “tractor carriage tours” around the Park and the high spirits of 190 spectators that enjoyed that day immensely.  Several have applied during the following weeks, for sailing classes, at the Guarapiranga Lake at
“Clube Municipal de Vela”.

Six boats came from the Atlantic shore  “Praia Grande” (70 kilometres from São Paulo).  Transportation was provided by the City of São Vicente’s Mayor.   The six enthusiastic young participants, under the leadership of Captain Sylvio Bello,  arrived on Saturday.  Thus they had an opportunity to become familiar with the sailing conditions in this “new territory” for them.  On Saturday afternoon there was a real heavy North west wind. They appreciated immensely this new experience, and spent the overnight in the Park’s visitors cabin, by the fireplace.  It was cool as August is still Winter in São Paulo.

All are asking already : “When is the next race taking place ” ?   Hopefully early next year ...