Veja, December 23, 1988


Beginning this week, local flowers shops and farms will begin receiving the inventory of Christmas trees that will decorate São Paulo’s holiday landscape. What counts when choosing the perfect pine tree is quality, size, and price. Conical-shaped pine trees with dense foliage are clearly the most attractive. They’re also almost always the most expensive. At No. 17 “Praça Deputado Dario de Barros”, next to the Cidade de Jardim bridge, William Hering sells what each year are considered the most handsome trees in town. They’re cultivated on the 60 hectares farm owned by Mr.Hering in Parelheiros, 30 kilometers from downtown São Paulo. The plantation is provided with pine trees as high as 3 meters, although in fact Hering meets orders for trees up to 8 meters in height.

The price of a tree varies according to its degree of perfection, but a 1.5-meter pine runs, on average, 18,000.00 cruzados. A 2.40-meter tree will cost approximately 51,000.00 cruzados. Pine trees spanning 8 meters can top 1 million cruzados.

For those looking for more modest fare – namely, a Cyprus – which shall last for no more than twenty days, the flower shops along the Largo do Arouche and Doutor Arnaldo Ave. guarantee a stock of Christmas trees of all sizes through the end of the month. Prices in this case are far more affordable – approximately 4,000.00 cruzados per meter. But hurry to place your order – the Cypruses usually go quickly and procrastinators will be left without a Christmas tree.

Hering: Christmas pines up to 8 meters in height

Veja, December 23, 1988