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Small farm-office
Produced in the area: First class Firewood available in S. Paulo
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A view of the Castanheiras' preserved forests
5.5 km  wall  surrounds the whole Estate                           Fotos Samuel H. Reimberg

                             The 2nd Gate Nr.-1-                                       Fotos Samuel H. Reimberg

East side border of the 5.5 Kms Wall
This is a GUAPURUVU - grew 4 meters from seedling in 12 months (Fenomena !)

"Poinsetia" as it grows at the farm  (Bico de Papagaio)

The native "Manacá de Jardim" planted along the paths flourish in September (Brunfelsia uniflora)


"Bico de Papagaios" flourish in May - June - (Poinsetia)

Paved Alees amid  the gorgeous variety of Tropical vegetation


Some products produced in the area (as firewood):

http://www.lenhaseca.com.br/index-E.html   <-  Firewood in São Paulo

A solid concrete structure provides a particularly long lasting 6.5 Kms internal road

Solid hand made structure of the internal roads to last indefinitively................

  Paved paths eliminate any waste of labour involving reparations during rainy seasons

"Lago das Toras" where hundreds of Eucalyptus logs ar

META-SEQUOIAS by the irrigation lake

Among the Meta-Sequoias above, a JERIVA-Palmtree

5,5 Kms of solid  WALL-all covered with growing ivy surrounds the estate - see below the "growing Wall"

The regularly pruned growing ivy,  enlarges the wall yearly !

Foto Samuel H. Reimberg              
Paved swimming-pool provided with source of drinking water which permanently flows through it

The greedy "Coatis"  (Nasua Nasua) , similar to Racoon

"Chalesita- cottage  amid the forest -  50 mts. from the swimming-pool

Jussara Palm-tree-beds under the China-fir shade, ready to be transplanted

Area for gatherings by the Billings Reservoir

View on the bay of the Billings Reservoir - (Background S.Bernardo do Campo at the horizon)

  Sailing at the middle of Billings Reservoir, coming from the farm in the direction of RODOANEL

Sailing into the large Billings Reservoir outside the bay is a thrilling experience

"AquaticTour"  provides an oportunity to see the immense Billings reaching the  "Rodoanel"

  Rodoanel  seen from another bay, on the "AquaticTour"

Rodoanel - the 4-lane highway which goes around the huge São Paulo-city


 "EcologicTour " for 25 visitors

Executing the Forest-reversion,  native seedlings are individually identified

  "Cambucí "    one of several  native fruits                    "Manacá da Serra flourishing in Summer

The area next to the shore of the Billings lake

Wasrooms amid the native forest by the walking trails

"Coatís" are some of  greedy animals visiting the trays for "Treats"

Harvested Bananas stored for ripening naturally for "Treats"

  Hawling monkeys'family (Allouatta clamitans) come  attracted by the trays with "Treats"

Squirrels becoming familiar to the new sort of "Feeder"

They  soon  learn to lift the roof of the feeder and grab their "Treat"

Multiple  SAGUIS Callithrix penicillata  live in harmony in the area

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